Can a car be art? – Alfa Romeo 8C – Top Gear – BBC

Can a car ever be art? Most experts say no, but they obviously haven’t seen the Alfa Romeo 8C, the best looking car ever made – according to Jeremy Clarkson (even if it is utterly impractical).

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  1. Ken Watson

    To compare this to a LaFerrari is like vomiting on the Pope. So hideous and repulsive I'm flamboyantly atrociously flabbergast.

  2. Pedro Moronta

    "Every time I see and Alfa Romeo pass by , I lift my hat". Henry Ford…let me tell you something Alfa Romeo I love this brand ..I don't know is have most pedigree …is the brand that Enzo Ferrari explore his pontential like mechanic and turn SF succeful and make SF exist thanks to Alfa Romeo Romeo…

  3. Edim 108

    I fell in love with Alfa Romeo since I saw 159 as a kid. Then I've got more interested in this Brand. I've got to tell you, it has some real history!
    Alfa Romeo is possibly the most underrated car company in te world.

  4. Samuel Brooks

    Such a stunning car. This will be unobtainable soon enough. Prices will become stratospheric. They're already for sale for £220-£250K!

  5. william ferguson

    Wait, so out of everything created, somehow Alpha is the heart and soul of vehicle anatomy ? Show me one with 150k original miles, then let’s talk. Reminds me of TVR. Everything you’d want in body design, but they’d never compare to the life life of German and Japanese cars.

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