Campaign Settings: Birthright. Running the Game #54

My favorite official setting!

Here’s the original stream, there’s a lot I cut out much of which was nonsense, but some of which I think was useful info, just not Birthright related.

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  1. Brian Crocker

    1) Congrats on the amazingly successful campaign!
    2) I fucking loved Birthright, even though I hated the majority of the 2ed system. I wish they would adapt it to 5ed, though I suspect you could do it fairly easily.

  2. Matthew Neuendorf

    Stirrups came to Europe via the Avars during the 6-7th century. The Romans picked it up from them, and thence it went west to the Franks. They were certainly around by the Norman Conquest of England, and basically the entire High and Late Middle Ages saw stirrups in use by everyone. For the Early Middle Ages, an argument could be made that only the Romans and the eastern Franks would have them in quantity, but even then by the 8-9th century you'd probably see stirrups throughout Europe.

    Late Antiquity (Diocletian to Mohammad) was pretty much the time period when you had medieval-style cavalry in its nascent form but without stirrups (Frankish proto-knights, Roman cataphracts and clibanarii, Persian cataphracts, and so on).

  3. blacktemplar33

    I'd like to have more details on how Matt made Birthright his own, what adventures he used plots and events, I like to hear about the process and what goes on inside the head of the DM.

  4. David West

    Your enthusiasm for the Birthright campaign, which I've taken bits and pieces of for my own long-designed campaign world, is one of the reasons I decided to back your kickstarter. This setting should have succeeded, but alas was different enough it only became a niche.

  5. Daredhnu

    Birthright seems like a really cool setting, i might homebrew my own setting inspired by it, been thinking of running (or playing) a campaign where the players were all rulers of their own little slice of land, will have to do some research into Birthright and incorporate useful ideas into my own.

  6. Paladin Pariah

    Not sure if anyone mentioned this, but the stirrup started seeing use in most of medieval Europe by the 9th century, not the 13th century as Matt mentions in his video. Still an ace video about a great campaign setting. I was going to use 3.5 conversions of Birthright in my Pathfinder games before I discovered Ultimate Campaign. Kicking into Colville's book so I can add his ideas to Pathfinder's already robust system.

  7. Christian Wood

    When I made my pantheon, we generated a whole bunch of names and titles, matched them up and thought of reasons why those gods have those titles, how they're viewed by the people, what their goals are and what their relationships are with the other gods. That gives you somewhere to start and leaves room for adding lore as you go and react to the characters.

  8. Jordan Shumaker

    Hey Matt, I've been a long time watcher of your youtube channel and I have been Dm'ing a campaign that has lasted off and on for two years with my friends. I was wondering if you had a suggestion of books that should be essential or in your eyes essential for DM's to read that would help broaden our minds and assist us in what to do. By this I mean, I'm running a campaign where the big bad will be Lolth and I'm going to read the War of the Spider Queen series to help my campaign. You mention campaign guides all the time and while the world I created for them is a ground up world that doesn't follow a campaign setting, I wouldn't mind reading any books that would better me as a DM to help improve the experience for my players. I can't wait to watch your stream and please for the love of whatever deity you worship keep doing your good work sir!

  9. Alec C

    Wow, timing. I recently started a Pathfinder game based on the Birthright setting. I've tweaked a bunch of stuff and tried to convert the system over, fix the problems I had with it, and generally drag it kicking and screaming into the Century of the Fruitbat. The characters have started at 1st level as Scions of domain-ruling families attending a very exclusive military academy / finishing school.

  10. Ian Whelan-Miller

    Hey Matt, what are your thoughts on monsters as PCs, and how that can be executed as a valid choice. I've hit hard-core burnout on traditional D&D races, and honestly at this point gnolls and kobolds are pretty much the only things that have caught my eyes in recent months, years even. What would you do to integrate them into a game world, without forcing the game to revolve around them as far as party/social dynamic is concerned?


  11. Sarge 123

    As a fairly new dm I've looked for advantage/disadvantages of being a large creature. One of my players isn't too happy with what I've found. Could you do a video oh running large creatures?

  12. Antonio Lacy

    After successfully binge-watching for several days, I am finally caught up with the "Running the game" series. Thanks so much Matt for the inspiration and concepts discussed so far. Can you elaborate on how many rounds you think various combats should last? I don't want a bullet-sponge, but I also don't want my boss to be a paper cut-out.

  13. vyrag0

    While at times there was a slight disconnect between being a Regent and being an Adventurer, it could work. What made Birthright so cool to me was that it was a believable, low-fantasy setting. Magic was rare, yet powerful and the story was really about humans. Domains, Churches, Guilds all had a stake in what went on. For my gaming group, Birthright has been dormant for many, many years having been replaced by Forgotten Realms and Pathfinder. Now, after my friends have been watching shows like Game of Thrones, The Last Kingdom and Vikings, they're craving for something with that political intrigue vibe that Birthright did so well. We're heading back to Cerillia after a near 20 year absence!

  14. Sylvain Lafleche

    We tried running Birthright with the Domain Rules "as is" , but its often overly complex and only 2 players out of the 6 remained interested (I was one of the two). So we gave up eventually and just kept roleplaying in the world.

    Still, I like the idea though, the rules just need to be streamlined so the learning curve isn't as steep and that it can be done quicker.

    Its also ALLOT of work for the DM, because he/she also has to simultaneously run all the adjacent (or nearby) Domains in case the Players interact with them.

  15. JTube Stikbot

    Matt I watch your channel almost everyday and I love it I use it to help me DM it would be great if you gave my channel a shoutout we do some D&D and gaming you are amazing!!!!

  16. Sundeep Patpatia

    I have seen allmost all of your videos. Love them. Regarding the Birthright i remember i biught the Computer game. It is one of the best game i have ever played. Its was mixed came of "totalwar", RPG where you can go in quest with your characters, and  you had a complex map where you could take over terretories. I still miss a game like that remade or something similiar. Keep up the good work.

  17. Snake Jawz

    "The world this dude built for his novels" so we now totally expect MCDM to put out a campaign setting for your novels Matt.

    i would drop decent money on that, definitely.

  18. Paul Connolly

    Something on Falcon's Hollow. A good starting village in Pathfinder adventures would be cool too. I like your vids on good starting adventures.

  19. Kellen Dunkelberger

    I just learned that "mores" is pronounce like the eels and not the chocolate+marshmallow+GrahamCracker treats

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