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You guys know that the word “unbreakable” is only a challenge to me. I take indestructible products such as the Coffeeboxx, the Zeceen Metal USB cord, the Silicon Power 1TB Rugged Armor Military Grade External Portable Hard Drive, and a Doogee S60 phone and put them to the test. How will these products stand up to a sledgehammer, liquid nitrogen, and Elon Musk’s flamethrower?

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  1. U Smell Dirty

    I hate this new song you put in the background it’s so loud recently. It sounds like a humming noise and I can’t stop focusing on it

  2. Jon W

    Please wear eye protection when hitting things with a massive hammer! I'll hate to see you get blinded by shrapnel.

  3. Ted-O-Maniac

    you fucking moron. of course you'd take a SHOCK PROOOF hard drive and burn it, and then smash a phone that has been frozen beyond any normal values , OF COURSE things will break if subjected to conditions they are not made for, oh my fucking god you idiotic donkey.

    *OoOh I wOnDeR iF tHe WiRe CuTter CaN Cut a UsB ?!?!?!? * of course it can !

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