Bose SoundSport Free Fully Wireless Headphones – Hands On Review

Bose has long been on the forefront of new audio technology. In our review of the SoundSport Free — the company’s first fully wireless in-ears — we see how Bose’s latest tech stacks up against solid offerings from Apple and Jabra.



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  1. Kel DoLL

    i have a horrible time with headphones.. i have a hard time keeping them in my ears.. I have some i never used, wonder if should just sell them back to amazon. xo

  2. Becker's Rs

    Aren' these a year old?.. They are fine but I recently reviewed a 25 dollar chinese stuff. It was pretty ok. So, unless they offer something amazing like noise cancellation, it's not worth it.

  3. John Jensen

    No Bose. Got to borrow a pair of QuietComfort 35 when my Sony Mx2 was on hold and yes Bose was more comfortable but stuck on the sound (no to aptX, LDAC) and noise canceling was not so good. A relief when I got back my Sony headphones. Thinking from that day that Bose is an overpriced brand.

  4. Jonathan Polfer

    I have these. They sound nice. My goal was to use them as a Bluetooth headset for my car.

    Things I’ve learned:
    – They are not tolerant of extremes of heat or cold. They actually disable themselves if they sit in your car during the day in the heat or in your car overnight during winter. It’s super annoying if you want to leave them in your car.
    – the voice control function sometimes just doesn’t work for no apparent reason, or behaves oddly
    – audio levels aren’t consistent between Siri and music
    – I’ve had them just stop working in the middle of calls
    – the find my buds feature is nice and works fairly well

    For the money I spent, I’m pretty disappointed.

  5. Dennis Doroslovac

    Absolutely do not agree with your review. Having had both earbuds, the jabra’s sound is no where near the caliber of the Bose. Isn’t that the main reason for purchasing earbuds in the first place? Also as everyone has a unique ear shape, I found the jabra’s fit is extremely uncomfortable where the Bose again comes out on top. As a drawback for the Bose though, making calls uses only one bud whereas the jabra’s uses both buds making it more natural.

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