BMW X6 Review – Top Gear – BBC

In the midst of the credit crunch, Jeremy Clarkson’s undertakes a modest and low budget ‘worldwide’ review of the BMW X6.

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  1. Aa Gg

    I think the only place where it is usefull is the Autobahn to push NL plates off the road for when the porches and GT-R's come

  2. Angelo Miguel Tadena

    u now jermey hammond and james are only drinking bear and the nick name jermey;car hammond;hamster james may;captain slow

  3. Baskentli

    Really, why would anyone buy this shit when there is the X5, if you want a luxury bmw suv to drive in the city and its asphalt roads? At least you can get 4 people and some luggage in it.

  4. Razor Tanner

    I'm a BMW fan and I really don't like this car, it looks like BMW attempted to experiment coupe and SUV combined, resulting in one terrible car.

    Uncomfortable, unpractical, can't off-road, expensive, only 4 seats, etc.

    Advantages: Sporty, corners well, etc.

    It's not good, BMW wasted their money trying to mix coupe with SUV.

    If they just chose an SUV: It'll be big, comfortable, practical, off-road better, etc.

    If they choose a coupe: It's not going to be classed as an X, just another 6 series.

  5. miron Csurilla

    I have a bmw x6 and it is the best car I've had but before I had the x5 it was an amazing car I miss it but the x6 is much better

  6. QurttoRco

    I swear Top Gear was sponsored by Range Rover.They fit it everywhere 911 turbos or 458 italia… Range Rover is best choice

  7. MafiosoItaliano458

    @2:15 Both paddles do the same thing??? Didn't know I could go in the iDrive menu and set the left paddle to upshift and the right one to downshift! This is a £100.000 PS3!! I agree with Jeremy, it's utterly useless!! Wasting various resources to produce it and to run it!! This stupid overweight car is the real environmental problem, not the sportscars that stupid politicians are trying to ban!!!

  8. micheal bithi

    "But what if i wanted to see if this car can get long air times? To find out, i went to the moon"
    Clarkson in space suit inside bmw x6
    "Well the lack of air on the moon wont let the car run but it was worth a try, back to england"

  9. Benjamin Michael von Lichtenwald

    they went to Hong Kong, Spain, Australia, the Caribbean and obviously England to find out that the X6 sucks

  10. Musty Rozay

    you are so dumb, the x6 is one of the best cars in the world, the car that they have in this video has low options and its v6 and ofc its not gonna move in the snow because the tries is not for the snow, change the tires and see the power, i have a bmw x6m 2012 it has options that even in s500 2016 dosent have it and its powerful and the tires is very big, bmw x6 is one of the cars that fat pork in top gear he is just a lier, you wont believe me until you drive that monster, and who said its cheap the price depends on that options that you want, if you choose the bmw x6m with full options the price will be more than the price of the s500 2015, if you dont believe search online , top gear is shit they get paid from other company and they do what that company told them, dont believe them until you drive it they lie just for money. everyone will buy it if it was cheap its very expansive car its BMW not KIA

  11. With Style

    It's all about tires when you want to climb a hill or in snow. Put those tires on the rover and it will have the same problems.
    And btw the x6 was and is a quite successful car same as the x5 with the same xdrive system. Mercedes abd others copied the x6 coype design…
    It has also its weak points!

  12. macaron3141592653

    The old bmw paddles are really clever actually. When you're turning, you don't need to find the right. Instead, whatever paddle you have a hand on, you push to downshift and pull to upshift. Its much better than regular paddles.

  13. Can't stand libtards or Antifa

    For when people know nothing about cars they buy a BMW X6 and pay off the finance for the rest of their lives on their dole money.

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