BMW M5 Road Test Part 1 | Top Gear | BBC

Part one of two. The BMW M5 boasts a 500bhp V10 engine and the performance to shame most supercars but how will Jeremy fare with its vast number of technological gizmos and one very annoying sat nav?

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  1. Otakar Libal

    funny to watch this now, what a load of crap. e60 still looks like it was made today, way ahead of its time, the turn signals of course auto turn off and of course, the voice of the navigation can be turned off easily.. they try to make the review shocking and interesting so much that they lie

  2. JP

    Typical for british people they dont understand the perfection of german cars and are to silly to drive them how they must be driven

  3. Logan Drake

    Im always confused as to why everyone believes this e60 m5 is so ugly and have such many complaints… and why did he say 400bhp when it has 500? I thought this car was amazing for 2006… that amazing v10 sound, i thought the looks were great and especially the rear, i thought ths front was a perfect mix of aggression and subtleness. The interior was decent styling, id rather have more engine/transmission options rsther than few? Besides SMG i thought this sedan was a lot of car and a great value for an 06 and especially for TODAY… at what 20k? Give or take i believe (luxury used car operator & havent bought or looked in a while) with just over 100k i want to guess. I w as completely unaware this car was bashed as hard as it was. I will say for the last years of this body I wouldnt buy and can see were it would be considered not thw best buy etc… but for its first years of the e60this car was my favorite.

  4. Boris Stoikov

    I think you’re just too old and stubborn for the car but you got the problems with the smg right, everything else you’re wrong this is the best M5 ever made IMO

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