Best V-Twin Motorcycle Gear 2018 at

Best V-Twin Motorcycle Gear 2018

Lemmy and Alessandra are here to highlight the best cruiser and V-twin gear of 2018. From suspension and exhaust upgrades to cruise-approved helmets and gloves, these top picks are the result of our own rides and research. No, seriously, we’re running half this stuff on our camera bike! Get the most out of your next riding season with these icons of the cruiser world.

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  1. Jamie Bell

    V-twin apparently means Harleys and Indians, not those of us who like our twins mounted sideways. Oh well, Lem is always entertaining.

  2. Alias Smith

    why is it like this" I ride a Harley so I need shitty protection" If you crass it dosnot make a difference witch brand your driving . Most of the time I ride my harley more agressive than many sportbike riders and I vant good protection bud i dont want to look like a teletoppie . bud riding in a shirt with no pads is just stupid.

  3. LazyApe_

    "throw in armour if thats your thing" nah i like road rash and broken bones, but hey i guess harley riders are so badass they never wreck.

  4. JackRight

    Hey just so you guys know this along with most of your content isn't showing up in my subscription feed, idk if it's a YouTube issue but only about 1 out of 5 things you come out with shows up

  5. BigBlue Glide

    I have two of these gas cans. Both have leaked in the saddle bags and were a massive disappointment. Purchased them in 2015 for the Sturgis ride so might be an older design so buyer beware. Also , Saddlemens makes a Saddlebag Liner (for use with Reda-style gas can). If you don't want to put your HD t-shirt next to the gas can.
    I now carry 4 Fuel Bottles by MSR or Lowbrow customs 2 in each bag.

  6. Matt video's

    @Revzilla like the video but just a heads up theres a weird echo you can hear with in ear buds when Lem starts talking about S&S and continues for the rest of the bit.

  7. Robert Ortiz

    I love y’alls content and online store but I absolutely hate the fact that you have stuff divided into “styles” and bikes that we ride! So a shirt for a harley rider!? Like going down on a harley at 70mph hurts less than on a ninja… i do not subscribe to trendy styles of riding! I rock a full face dot/snell helmet with full leather and armor jacket and pants on my harley!

  8. slippinggnome

    So… I take it alissandra got this job for 'equality' purposes because she's awful in these videos. What's she doing with her hands… so unnatural

  9. Jeff Shelburne

    Lemmy, I like HD, but brother I love my Indian Chieftain Limited. I understand, the market is flooded with used Hogs, but times are changing. Roll with the changes, and buy American!


    Fatbob V&H Slip Ons Mufflers in this video? I pre-ordered the same mufflers with you guys and I haven’t receive them yet! =/

  11. BigKirbsBricks

    It might take you a little extra time but would be nice if you added links to these products in the description.

  12. Ed Nailor

    Wow… Love the new format, but hate the Harley only approach. How about the rest of us that ride non-HD? You guys sell stuff for us too, right?

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