Best Smartphone Ever Review

Google Pixel 2 is a gift God, and the greatest device I’ve ever seen. The Google Pixel 2 puts all other phones to shame, and everyone should buy it, as well as Pixel Buds.

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  1. Qopiq q

    Assuming your from the US and don't travel to other country's then not having your providers name is great. But in the EU its really annoying when going to a different country and not knowing what your connected to.

  2. Tanner Croft

    I’m not going to lie, I love the notch. It makes the phone that much more intuitive. Top left for notifications top right for CC (no more swiping up 18 times to get CC to finally open)

  3. Haxterz

    To me the X is still really experimental, that’s why I went with the 256 8 plus. Not ready to give up Touch ID either, I’ll get an X style phone when the notch is gone and Face ID is perfected, like how Touch ID gen 2 perfected that tech

  4. Bruno Pet pescoço com Caxumba

    i really want to buy this phone, but i live in brazil, and only very rich people can buy this phone here, 7000 reais!

  5. Abhishek chaudhary

    Well i use s8 and i would love the samsung to have that notch that looks different but they will have to be very careful so that apple does not sue them and cuff up 4 billion dollars again. I have an i phone 7 too and i love both andriod and apple. Apple seems to be less hectic whereas andriod seems to be open ended both has advantages.

  6. Neo Canadian

    8:03 they are already disigned for the new aspect ratio because of companies like samsung with the s8 already having an 18.5 to 9 aspect ratio its not good work on apple its all because of samsung and Lg and other ccompanies who already have a 18 to 9 aspect ratio on their flagships

  7. Darth Awar

    My solution for the Control Center & Notifications is simple just click and drag down anywhere on the left side for Notifications to drop drop then flick up to discard then to the same thing on the right side to use control center almost every Android Device allows users to do this (Although Controls and Notifications are in the same panel with the controls at the top and notifications below them in most Android Devices UI layout which makes more sense to me then seperating them like Apple has done!).

    I still think Apple should have a disappearing Softkey Button rather than the weird new UI (Left Top is only Controls, Top Right is only Notifications, Buttom middle going up is Home & Open Apps but you have to drag up and wait literally about a second for the software to sense that this is not a user mistake, All most all the actions are slower and more awkward then the older Home Button (which yes was a bit complicated/Convoluted compared to Android. Android has Seperate Open Apps Button, Seperate Back Button and Seperate Home Button thus using devices space and layout better and device navigation faster!).

    Still no Apps Folder by defualt Apple for a company that says it is about clean fast streamlined Software & Hadware why clog up the screen by defualt and/or make users create a folder or folders and manually add each and every app one does not want a a screen by defualt? Also why hide wallpapers by defualt espcially on the new iPhone X with it's Samsung OLED Panel (Which are between 1 to 2 years ahead of LG and the other Compition!)

    Why no Touch ID in the Apple Logo not everyone likes and/or trusts Face ID plus it does have the same problem in Sunlight as Samsungs Iris Scanning, Give users options espcially at $1,000!

    Why are Widgets still stuck on a seperate page next to notifications? Why can one not simply pick and choose what Widget goes where on what page and with at least most Android widgets be able to either pick from several looks and/or be able to resize and/or reshape said widget, Your view on Widgets is pre-Windows Vista and sure as heck is not on the Windows 7 level that is not Sleek, Sexy or Cool Apple?! (If you are gonning to keep stealing from Android like you did with Control Panel to name just one example at least borrow some of the other great ideas as well!)

    The iPhone X's Screen is not better then the Galaxy 8 or 8+ or Note 8 for several reasons, 1 All said displays are made by Samsung and you can bet the better quality panels go on their devices Samsung would not put equal or better panels on rival devices regardless of the Money Apple throws at them, 2 Galaxys Devices have much higher PPI (QHD in latest gen devices vs FHD in iPhone X!), 3 Samsung gives users Multiple Colour modes to choose from and even allows them to change colour balances to their own tastes if needed/wanted!, 4 Current Samsung Devices get much much brighter then the iPhone X can and also Samsungs newer gen panels are much harder to burn in then 2 or 3 years ago even at this newer max brightness level, I do not think that Samsung would have built in the same hardware and software features to stop burn-in into Apples Screens (noth that I dont think Apple could not do it it would just mean either lowering brightness even lower then it's half nit brightness (Most likly after a certain amount of time and/or when it gets to certain temprature!) of the Galaxys and/or timing out the screen and/or app! (I do grant that Apple supports HDR by defualt (Which for some reason does Samsung does but does not advertise!) and calibrates each devices screen in the factory, Samsung only does that for the Notes (ATCT!) while the Galaxy's get batch calibrated from what I understand but I could be wrong!)

  8. Manish Zanpure

    The first day I used it, my eyes hurt.. but now I no problem.. Face ID works great.. with glasses, without glasses, with sunglasses it has not failed.. kudos to Apple R&D

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