Best iPhone X Review?!

Best iPhone X Review — are the new reviews confirmation bias? Are you excited for the iPhone X? How long should people have a device before producing a review? What reviews have you watched and trusted?
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Hello, galaxy! I’m Chris Pirillo, and I love living the geek lifestyle – as a family-loving father, as an entrepreneur, as a Star Wars collector, as a retro video game player, as a LEGO minifigure fan, as a pop culture event producer, as a thrifting junkie, as an ’80s nostalgia kidult, as a toy seeker, as a coupon clipper, as a consumer tech advisor, as a person who loves picking up the digital camera that’s usually sitting inside his smartphone and recording whatever thoughts happen to be in my head at the time (or experiences that I’m happy to share with the world)!

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  1. Anthony C Brown

    Chris is 100% correct. The impressions and reviews sound the same due in-part to folks relying exclusively on Apple 'talking points' because they are too lazy to develop a scoring metric of value to the CONSUMER and not Apple.

    The significance of the IPhone X release has so much more to do with how Apple has evolved it's marketing strategy. The measure of success for an Apple product has been historically to deliver a product / feature one did not realize they wanted or needed thus adding value.

    While the IPhone X is a nice phone (it should be for $1,000) I have found the reviews , first looks, etc.struggle in making the value proposition over an IPhone 8. In most cases recent YT videos have relied on folks trying to fool the face recognition feature. It is apparent most do not understand the technology and the result is more buffoonery than insight.

    Back to Apple's marketing strategy…. Want to get a glowing review of your product? Get a YT 'tech site' desperate for content and monetization revenue RESULT… Very little technology insight and more Apple promotion with little credible challenge.

    I suspect we will be witnessing a culling of YT sites in the near future because it is clear (do you own YT searches) too many people are placing monetization hopes over valuable insight and competency.

  2. Harish Anandhajothi

    Chirs now the real reviews are out and everyone have voiced the real facts. I think u jumped the gun by commenting on first look videos thinking they were full reviews.

  3. gabrielle steinbuch

    I kind of said something similar that Apple was creating genuine happiness with YouTubers by giving them free early iPhones to generate positive reviews that are kind of honest because since they are so happy about the early phone they say nice things about it but it is actually a scheme on apples part. I had a boss that was like that, she would do “nice” things but they were really only thinly veiled attempts to control me.

  4. Waldor Sockbat

    You are on the money with the iPhone X. When it comes down to it the iPhone X is just like the iPhones of the past few years. If you put lipstick on a pig it is still a pig.

  5. fred kelly

    I gotta agree, from what I've seen of the servings we've had, you-tubers appearing noncommittal but none prepared to dig up the dirt. What sticks in my mind is all of them, all of them said "and within a couple of hours you won't even notice the notch" that's used car salesman speak, and that's where their credibility has sunk to.

  6. Vanessa Governo

    Hey Chris check out Shawn B Nice, he said the exact same thing u did about unused real-estate and the notch thing. He also said the 8 Plus is the better buy. U and are my main people I love listening to, u guys are awesome.

  7. dippa1965

    I agree 100 percent this has been a trend among a lot of YouTube reviewers as of late.
    It's not just the case of the release of the IPhoneX so your timing may be a little late in calling these people out.

  8. angelo palmer

    Chris your right ive looked at so many of these so called reviews and reviewers. All of them are the same no one even critiques the phone apart from the verge. Chris just come out and say it dont beat around the bush. All these youtubers getting the phone are doing it for the subscribers and making money. Youtube and google are con artist the other day one of my videos had over 1000 views then the next day or so it had 859 whaat the hell. Youtube and all this is a con. Youtube ony keeps who it wants at the top of the food chain and apple are attaching themselves to it. Absolute garbage youtube and google.

  9. Bryan Campbell

    Spend sometime with one in person. I️ was as skeptical as you about that notch and I️ can honestly say it’s not as bad in person as looking at photos of online which are often going to be larger than in real life. I️ only spent an hour with one trying out what I️ could but I️ can tell you it’s a mixed bag leaning in the mostly positive direction.

    The bar at the bottom is more distracting than the notch. It simply isn’t necessary.

    The location of the control center is awkward and just awful design. Apple doesn’t need to pay a UI designer hundreds of thousands of dollars to get this one right. All they need to do is combine it with the multi tasking view, the app cards could be near the top of the screen and have a scrolling (left and right) view of the control center. That way everyone can stay swipe up from the bottom to access it.

    The screen real estate isn’t really the 5.8” Apple markets it as. The ears are not really accessible by apps although DPreview does show an app that uses the ear on the left as a live histogram. Usable screen real estate is probably somewhere between the previous 4.7” and 5.5” iPhones.

    The price. These are expensive no doubt about it. I️ think the iPhone 8 exists only for those who want to stick with iOS and simply can’t afford (or don’t want) the X. I’m willing to bet we see an 8S so Apple can keep the same price points for next years models.

    The OLED screen is gorgeous. While not the highest resolution display it is certainly a nice improvement. The colors aren’t overly saturated and tend to look more realistic than most Android phone I’ve seen. While I’m not an authority on displays, I️ have been an active photographer for over 17 years.

    The cameras have all been improved substantially. While I️ never use a smartphone as a serious camera I️ can appreciate the improvements Apple has made especially in low light capability. I️ agree with Chris that the 7 camera seemed to be a step down over the 6 in a few areas but the camera in the X is hands down better. Maybe significantly.

    Speakers remind me of what I’m hearing from the current iPad Pros for quality. Not quite as good but the best I’ve heard in a phone. Useful when you are taking a shower and want to hear your tunes over the ambient noise.

  10. kf160k160

    At 10:14, I fully agree on this. During Steve Jobs time the competition between iPhone vs Android was worth fighting. Even I am Samsung user and I am proudly to say that time iPhone was really great piece of hardware and features.Then it comes Tim Cook, nothing much innovates and in fact he is following Samsung many ways but yet people still worship iPhone. People still buying the iPhone because of "iPhone" mentality not because of the hardware anymore.

  11. savedfaves

    I wouldn’t buy one for three main reasons. It’s too big for me, it’s way too expensive, starting at €1,179 in Europe. And I dislike how they decided to implement the notch. Get this, the larger storage model costs €1,349 in Europe. Yes, $1,600. Em, yeah. Or how about the leather folio case they are heavily promoting with it… they want €109 for it ($130). Heck, even the silicone Apple case for it costs €49. I use an iPhone and Macs, but Apple are just taking the piss now. No wonder their execs can give $10M to charity, they’ve been ripping users off for years. The whole public stock market model is a poison to humanity. “Leave the world better than we found it”. If by better they mean leave their users financially poorer, then yes. In the spirit of honesty they should rename their slogan, “produce greener and greener products largely for financially rich customers”.

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