Best 5 Indie Games on Kickstarter – November 2017

Welcome to Get Indie Gaming where we countdown the top 5 best looking indie game games looking for funding on Kickstarter this November 2017.

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Orwell: Ignorance is Strength: /
Behold the Kickmen: /

Best 5 Indie Games on Kickstarter for November 2017

5) Arena 3D: /
4) The Untold Legacy: /
3) Cede: / 
2) Deiland: /
1) Ragi: And Ancient Epic: / / /

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Aztez: /
Lorna Realm of Colours:

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  1. Get Indie Gaming

    Hi everyone – a warm and big welcome to our November Kickstarter top 5 – hope you enjoy and please, let us know if there's anything you you fancy backing or playing in the section below.  Cheers!

  2. kionashi

    Aw no love for Tyr: Chains of Valhalla…..can't blame it tho… this is a top 5 and those game are awesome!

    Arena 3D: Seems like a fine enough arcade shooter…not my coup of tea, but seems It could be fun….sadly this seems that will have a hard time reaching it's goal in 7 days…

    The untold legacy: I loved Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas when it came out….so Im open to all Zelda inspired games we can get…specially for those who doesn't have a Nintendo console, Im very excited for this one…I hope this video helps to bump those numbers so they can reach their goal in those 2 weeks…

    Cede: Seems like a unique twist to the isometric RPG genre….solid game it reached a solid amount in just a few days…so Im confident it will reach its goal…

    Deiland: At first it seemed like a pretty small game…I mean that planet seems too tiny and I thought It could be boring quickly…but those narrative bits and the moment in the snowy field picked my interest….since it already reached its goal I will be checking it out….meanwhile time to check those streach goals…

    Raji: An Ancient Epic: wow…this game looks amazing…I already said Im done with Isometric Twin stick shooters, but Im not done with isometric action RPGs….I hope the combat has some meaningful depth so It wont get stale…they are asking for quite a lot of money..but I hope they manage to reach it….

    can't wait for those new videos…specially for those hidden gems that dont get too much attention…

    good luck 😀

  3. ClemmyGames - The Best Of Indie Games

    Raji and Arena 3D look great! Great shout-out for Aztez in the out-tro as well, more people should play that game!

  4. Simon R

    SoulBlight is another very interesting looking game seeking funding on KickStarter.
    It seems to be a very promising rouge-lite with its very own twist on combat mechanics!

  5. SomniumLG

    Good selection, although I was hoping to see Nimbatus here, which smashed their goal in only a few days. Anyway, I really appreciate the work you do in providing us an overview over the crowded indie market. =)

  6. Barry-Allen The-Flash

    Holy crap, Cede looks awesome! God, that's such an original idea, and all it is is, "Hey…. what if, like, enemies exploded into things BESIDES blood?", lol. That's rad. I'm pledging 🙂

    Raji also looks super impressive. I appreciate the unique setting

  7. BareHand

    Shoutouts to "Get Indie Gaming" for putting Cede on this video! This channel is awesome and we appreciate what you do for the indie community!

  8. sleepwalker

    Weird to see lists like this one because I don't usually associate indie games with fighting and shooting kind of thing. From this episode I'm only interested in Lona Realm Of Colors, personally.

  9. welwitschia

    Hi there guys! As always, thanks for making these videos. Indies are definitely the only place where the creativity of games-as-art is seen these days, and yet so few people offer beautifully curated lists as you do. Here's me hoping you continue doing what you're doing. Cheers!

  10. Sir Laguna

    Raji looks amazing but doesn't seems to be getting enough money yet in their campaign. I hope this changes because I really want to play it.

  11. Joe Osrs

    Very professional style videos man, subscribed. Keep up the good work! Also im an indie game dev so maybe one day i will submit a game to be showcased ;D

  12. Moshugaani

    It's alright being Zelda-inspired, but do they have to make the main character so obviously a Link-ripoff in The Untold Legacy?

  13. Fireblitz Games

    I like it. My project has just been launched on Kickstarter and I do not know if it will become someone's favorite. I'm very happy to see a Spanish game on this list (Deiland). Keep it up!

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