Bee and Puppycat Interview for Episode 1 Premiere! – Beyond The Trailer

Fred Seibert talks Bee and Puppycat today as Episode 1 and 2 premiere on Cartoon Hangover!

Bee and Puppycat interview! Fred Seibert talks about how Bee and Puppycat came from Adventure Time, working with Natasha Allegri, Sony Animation, and why with the help of Frozen people are starting to realize that girls like animation too! So while you wait for Episode 3 of Bee and Puppycat, or which ever episode might be next, enjoy this interview today! Plus make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on YouTube today!

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  1. Themadbomber187

    Good interview Grace, I would love to see you do a google hangout with Comicbookgirl19 and just talk about comics and movies.

  2. Ned Zed

    I always enjoy Grace's commentary,she is clearly a fan of various genres of cinema. It's funny that me as a grown 35 year old man,as well as my group of friends, are huge fans of Adventure Time and Bravest Warriors. Imagine a room full of big old black guys and a couple of girls watching Adventure Time. It was one of my friend's two children that first introduced me to that show,and I fell in love with it after that.

  3. FatmanDD1

    This is really nice talking with Fred sites of the creator of China federator up because I'm partnered with this channel in seeing how this channel can help my channel grow it made grace channels grow it made everything grow and it's kind of wonderful so now I want to think cartoon federator want to think what they've done I love being puppy cat I love bravest warriors and even more manly possess the Mimi is me and you want to see cartoon hangover has done a lot and I hope they keep on making some good stuff and I can't wait to work closer with these guys.

  4. Revya Raksha

    This was a very different sort of episode. Kind of meta in some parts where we talk about he business behind BTT instead of films.

  5. Señor Librero Random 2

    A good interview and in the first moments you disclose your relation with the people who you interview, very profesional, thats why i am a fan 😀

  6. stridin

    I truly love this episode. So inspiring and full of hope for the future of animation. I hope one day I could be part this team. Thank you Grace.

  7. 3333pajaro

    Grace, baby. You will be doing better if you didn't look like you haven't take your medication and instead you went for 5 red-bulls. Please, please be more professional and do your hair, have some respect for us and the people you interview. Use less botox  on your chicks, they look huge like falling down. Again, dress with more ethic not like you came out of a delivery room. Oh!! BTW, Dumb and dumber to, ROCKS!

  8. supersqueak

    I love that American animation is trying to catch up to anime in the variety of people that it's made for. I want to watch more cartoons but the cartoon stations don't give me no options so I end up just watching shojo anime. Can't wait to watch it.

  9. Joseph Rangel

    Grace, PLEEEASSE bring back Think About the Ink, even if it is only bi monthly or when there is something yu really want to talk about in comics/animation. And please do Comics to Movies again, preferably with Alan Kistler!

  10. Chantelle Norton

    Truth! I have forced multiple people into watching and loving Bee and Puppycat, My excuse for some of them: "I need you to understand my Bee cosplay, and because this show is awesome!" I will be a life long Puppycat fan! c:

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