Apple’s New Pride Watch Band & Apple Watch Pride Face

Review of the new Apple Watch woven nylon band and as a bonus, the new Apple watch face to go along with!
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  1. Richard Forester

    I like the effect when the band and face are on at the same time. Crazy illusion. I think it would be cool if they did a "retro" band along the same lines (no pun intended) with thicker stripes and full on 1970s like graphics. But then again, maybe that's just me.

  2. Capital V

    Not a fan of the watch band but I would like for all the bands to have corresponding faces that look like the band

  3. Joe

    I like the band and im getting one soon. I like the band design last year too. the one last year was more vibrant with more color and this one is more toned down. It's cool how it goes with the watch face. I think last years pride band goes with this years pride watch face but maybe this years pride watch band design lines up better with the watch face.

  4. Jerry747380

    Umm u should have changed your time so it was the 4th of June and u could have gotten it earlier (the watch face not the band lmao)

  5. Dave Kos

    I used to be repelled by your voice, now I seek to hear it. I think it’s funny (in a good way). That mostly white band is a good match to the all black watch, didn’t expect that.

  6. enzmondo

    The next Pride Watch face should change the colours of the activity face. Instead of fuchsia, lime green, and sky blue colours, why not change to colours that more accurately match the Pride rainbow?

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