AMD RX 550 – Full Review – $79 Graphics Card

Buy @ NewEgg — RX 550 2GB – $79 — @ Amazon — More Links Below!
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If your PC can handle it, the RX 460 is generally a better deal than the RX 550, however I find that the 460 often doesn’t work in older pre-built PCs, the RX 550 has worked in everything I’ve put it in.

RX 460 — @NewEgg — @Amazon

RX 560 will be coming in May, it will be 10-15% faster than RX 460, so when it comes, if the price is the same, get it instead.

LinusTechTips – GPU Video on Video Rendering Performance –


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  1. John Stewart

    I tried out Radeon Chill with my RX480 in Tomb Raider. It works pretty neat. When I don't move, it gradually goes down to 40fps. It never stutters or becomes choppy, it stays perfectly smooth all the time. Also the moment I move the mouse, fps goes up instantly without me ecen noticing. I actually have to look at the fps counter because I cannot tell a difference without knowing if Chill is activated or not. Very impressive implementation

  2. JvGamingTV

    I have this card and when I would update to the most recent driver update such as 18.2.1, my games would drop in frame rates completely! (0-20 FPS). So what I did is I went to MSI for the RX 550 drivers and the version they gave me is 17.11.4 which I believe is Radeon Crimson. Also I believe that is the only driver that'll work on this card somewhat stable. I have these weird problems when I would be gaming where the screen would change into a solid color and flicker which is very distracting or sometimes the game would crash and my monitor would display "No Signal". I don't know how to fix this problem really if you want to avoid these problems I'd advise you to get a GTX 1050ti, or 1050 or anything Nvidia has to offer because honestly, I'm tired of the B.S. AMD has been giving me lately.

  3. Pogha

    Wait….I got the same graphics card as in you're video but when i run Gta V on (almost) everything set on very high i get more than 70 fps

  4. CrimsonDante Gamer

    Hes missing a point a RX 550 2gb vs a RX 550 4gb. The RX 550 4gb will be 3-7fps better then a RX 550 2gb. RX 550 4gb will be on par with a RX 460 2gb this is a fact its not as huge performance diffrence as he mentions in the video. A RX 460 4gb will be about 5-6fps better then a RX 550 4gb. YES VRAM DOSE HELP with speed not a huge lot ,but it dose help.

  5. Shoaib Sikandri

    Can i install asus rx 550 2gb sc  card in my own intel core 2 duo e6600 2.4ghz 6gb ddr3 ram and psu is 365watt max and my pc model is 0A58h …

  6. MadIIMike

    On a sidenote: GTA5 doesn't leak vram/memory, it's actually optimized so well it "sees" when it has to swap and just leaves things there until space is needed.

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