AlienGear ShapeShift | Full Review / How To

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Got this as a gift from my girlfriend.
So I decided to make a full review on the starterkit.

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  1. Johnny Liu

    how tf are you going to use a seat belt buckle belt for a gun review? LOL. I have one of those and the fabric is soft AF. No wonder it was wiggling around dude.. If you had a proper gun belt or a stiffer one at least, you wouldn't have that problem. No normal person uses a flimsy belt for carry purposes.

  2. John Stilwell

    I am so confused and their chat support isn't helping.

    I want to buy the start kit but also want the drop leg.

    What is the difference between the drop leg mag carrier and the Expansion Pack?

    I want to be able to have my gun and 2 mags or just 4 mags. From reading the 2 pages it looks like I can buy the drop leg mag carrier and it comes with everything I need to carry 4 mags, comes with 2 buckets and you can buy 2 for 1, if I want just 2 and my gun, I just remove the 2 and add the shell from the starter kit.

    If I buy the expansion, I can buy 2 for 1, and that only gives me 2 mag buckets.

  3. ruach10

    I've had multiple fantastic interactions with Alien Gear reps both on the chat and on the phone. Absolutely blown away with the quick, courteous, and helpful support. Lightning fast shipping, apart from the part that they made clear before I ordered would be a 1-2 wait as it is a new line of shells. Can't wait to get my starter kit in.

  4. Richard Mora

    Good video.
    Contemplating at the moment; this option does solve a lot of what I'm looking for.
    As for the belt issue – try Hanks Belts, you'll never need another belt again, unless you just want another. Plus they have great customer service too:

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