Alien Gear ShapeShift Holster Review : TakeAimTV

Are you looking for a new modular holster system that can adapt to your carrying preference? In this video Take Aim TV tests and reviews the new ShapeShift from Alien Gear Holsters.

This video is sponsored by UltraProX & Imperial Firearms

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  1. David

    Do you think that you could wear the appendix style at the 3 or 4 o'clock position and it still be comfortable? I don't really like appendix and might want something smaller than the other IWB.

  2. Rick Reszler

    Unfortunately all these great reviews and they barely have any gun types except for glock. I love these guys but I don't care for the pre marketing. It should wait until its available. Its been out for months and no new guns and I keep sending them requests.

  3. R Sjr

    I applaud Alien Gear for this especially the ability to mount a ALS thumb retention release as an option and the slot vs allen tool screws. As always the biggest advantage other than price and great customer service is the comfort. I hadn't already spent tons of money on my tons of holsters I would be content with the Shape Shifter Kit. The only thing I hope is that they expand their model of firearm holster shells like they did with their earlier 3.0

  4. Timothy Thomas

    Now that FLORIDA finally got off there ass . I am finally using my 3.0 after owning it for 2 years . I was told by dept of AGG . That they didn't have the records of a 24 year old shoplifting case I completed back then . And an open container ticket I forgot to pay in DALLAS TX were preventing me from getting my ccw . I couldn't afford a lawyer to handle the DALLAS case . And out of the Blue 2 years later I get my ccw in the mail . I have to imagine I am not the only one in FLORIDA who had long since gave up . Only to smile when opening the mail box .

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