Alien Gear ShapeShift Final Review

A final review of the Alien Gear ShapeShift holster system.

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  1. Michael Wood

    I'd like the multi-option character of this product. As far as a problem switching between configurations? – You set that up before you head out. Time management.

  2. Chad_83

    It looks to be very bulky around the shell. The idea seems great, but I prefer minimal, even if that means buying separate holsters.
    Right now I typically carry a G19 or RM380 (yeah I know, a Remington). They wouldn't interchange properly. It'd be way too much holster for a pocket 380.

  3. fred

    Thanks for the review! I was really looking for more input before I finally went and bought the kit. I'm nervous about the plastic pieces and losing them. But the box looks like a great place to keep them. I'm new to CC and I'm not really sure what type of holster style would be comfortable for me. I also want to alternate carrying between a G26 and G19. So the starter kit (plus one shell for the 26) was perfect for me since I can try the different variations among all the holster types with one purchase.

  4. Jack Waddell

    I briefly had the starter kit. It ended up being returned because it shipped with a wrong part that made the entire kit useless. And I think that's one of the great drawbacks to this system. And that is you don't need a system with a bazillion pieces to carry a gun. You just need a holster that's comfortable and supports your gun safely. I realized as I worked with this I didn't need two different ways to carry OWB. And in this case the IWB setups were more bulky than necessary. And they already sell a way to mount a holster in your car. In my life I carry in my pocket or on my waist either inside or outside my pants. Do I need a holster "system" that I have to reconfigure every morning or do I just need three different holsters I can grab and go? I like Alien Gear stuff. I have several of their 3.0 holsters that work very well for me. I just think this ShapeShift 4.0 stuff became over engineered to the point it misses the point.

  5. Elliott Woodards

    Great vids. Been thinking about purchasing the system and your vids really have helped me in my decision. Thanks for taking out the time. I am cautious about buying something that is innovative and new as you take the chance of basically buying a prototype that still has bugs in it that need to be ironed out. I think I'll wait for a while and see what improvements they make before I purchase. That way I won't be stuck with an obsolete version of the same system. Thanks again.

  6. Brandon Trembly

    How much bulkier is the appendix carry holster compared to just plain all kydex appendix holsters? I really want the alien gear appendix holster but i can't tell how thick it is where as i know a kydex appendix holster is really thin and barley adds any width to a gun.

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