Alien Gear ShapeShift 4.0 IWB Holster

When I said XD’s I meant to say Rugers…Oooops πŸ™‚

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  1. SilverStrike

    Looks pretty professional and they even offer one for a HiPoint. I'm betting the part of the video about you sweating will get Moose a little excited.

  2. saltyshellback

    You said clip…lol looks like a cool system that took a lot of thought to design. Not sure what I think about the little pieces that can get lost though.

  3. budgetgunfox 117

    I have one of the older alien gear holsters with a leather backing. I stopped using it because I'm constantly having to take my holster on and off because of the places I have to go every day. I have to use kydex holsters because they slide in and out easily (that's what she side).

  4. John Smith

    Aw I carry a sccy cpx 2 and they don't make one for it. I have a Foxx holster and it's great as long as you red lock tight the bolts first thing.

  5. Krimson Haze

    Hey I wondering if that neoprene backing was washable? I had a holster before that wasn't, and wearing it in the summer and sweating alot…needless to say, It got funky…but you couldn't wash it due to the design and all the hardware attached.

  6. Bruce

    Just stumbled across your channel today while checking out some reviews. Definitely the most honest sounding one so far. Feels like we were in a gas station and I asked you about your holster and you gave your real opinion, not a rehearsed youtube speech to get views. Thanks brother!

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