Alien Gear 3.0 Versus Shape Shift

Here’s my first thoughts on the Alien Gear 3.0 and the new Shape Shift. This video is not sponsored, but I did receive both of these holsters for free in exchange for a review. I’d also like to add that this video was filmed and posted before I found out about the facebook post. Someone let me know about it in the comments. I do not agree with the post and I hope Alien Gear does all they can to fix it.

Here’s a video showing a more in depth look at the pieces:

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  1. sksman

    I have the 3.0 and I like it.I carry the Springfield xd sub compact 9mm.Alien gear doesn't make the shape shift for my gun right now.The 4.0 looks bulky to me.For appendix carry I use a Alpha concealment holster made for appendix carry.Great video review!

  2. 4N6Psych

    I wore the CT 3 for a full year before upgrading to the Shapeshift rig. I am not talking down to you or deriding you, but for the life of me cannot see how you had trouble getting it on. For me, I do not take it off,…ever I may remove my gun but the holster stays on and I often forget it is there. You can put it on your pants before you put the pants on, and it is easier to put into the pants before buttoning them of course. When I switch it from one pair of pants to another, I put the holster on the new pants, then put on the pants, give it a quick adjust to the spot I want it then slip my steel core gun bet on and right through its loops no problem.
    Thanks for the review, I though it was really good

  3. Ronnie Zeuner

    I love you and your videos. Great honest reviews, and something about a petite beautiful woman caring a glock is pretty Hot and nice to watch. I'm sure you help many women and men alike. Keep on rockin' and keep being pretty n sweet n making awesome videos. Stay safe and may god bless you.

  4. germanshepherd13

    wish someone made a comfortable holster for chubby guys.. I am not fat but do have a belly and impossible to find something comfortable for my Glock 19

  5. Pool Dead

    Is that a Sherlock Holmes reference?
    I used to love the alien gear 3.0. My problem with it was once I switched to carrying a P229 (a fairly large all metal gun). it was pulling my pants down way too much. I could barely walk two steps without having to hold my pants up. You would think that by having the belt clips further apart it would distribute the weight which would stop your pants from falling. But I found that by using an all kydex single clip holster, my pants did not fall down nearly as much. Like the vedder holster, or the tortion. Apparently they're supposed to be "appendix" style holsters… But I use them at the 4 o'clock position and they work great. Appendix is way too dangerous for me to put it at the 1 o'clock position.

    Funny thing is they changed the clips to stiffer ones, because everyone was complaining that the clips were too loose and it was falling off their belts. I guess they went to far in the other direction… I also think it would be much more concealable if they removed half of that Kydex. There's so much Kydex sticking out on either side that is completely unnecessary.

  6. adam cooper

    Great review!  I  agree with most on here.  I love my 3.0 and wont be "upgrading" to the 4.0 for IWB…. although I will for the OWB holstering while at the range.  I do like the ruggedness of the 4.0 as supposed to the Cloak Slide and 3.0 OWB holster.  Keep the videos coming.

  7. Jon Weddle

    I have had the 3.0 for awhile and have really liked it. I just got the shapeshift kit a couple weeks ago and love pretty much everything about it. For the IWB I do like the smaller footprint of the shapeshift and for me it tucks my firearm closer to my body. For both even though I am quite thin, I'm tall with fairly wide shoulders and it's easy to drape and leave no print. Both of the OWB options are good for different reasons. The clip on is convenient for me on a work day. I can't carry at work but after work I can clip it right on pretty much hassle free. Down side of the clip on is it sticks way out and leaves a huge print. The other OWB option is great for wearing pants that fit my 30" waist including uniform pants. As mentioned my body type drapes really well so very little print. As far as the appendix option goes, I'm trying to sell mine..hehe

  8. GUNNER67akaKelt

    Hehe. Holsters are a very subjective thing. What you think is great, other's will think suck, and vice versa. You mentioned the clips on the 3.0 as being too stiff. I'm just the opposite, I think they're too loose and the back one (side carry) occasionally comes loose and the back end rides up and out of my pants… which is VERY annoying in public. Hopefully a new, thicker belt will fix that.

    The screws coming loose on the 3.0 IS a real problem with the design, I hope the 4.0 system take care of it. I just ordered it.

    And to agree with most people, the 3.0 is very comfortable once you get used to it. I usually forget I'm wearing it.

    Good review!

  9. Dutch OPWW

    I'm 6'1 and 185 lbs with a muscular frame and wide hips, do you think that the alien gear 3.0 holster would work well in appendix carry as well as on the hip (4 o'clock) position? My ccw weapon is the taurus millenium g2 in 9mm, its a very compact gun and depending on my situation and attire I switch between the 2 carry styles.

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  11. angela rivas

    Unfortunately they don’t have the ShapeShift for my gun just yet! The appendix holster is what I am really interested in! It’s more grab and go.

  12. silverhorder1969

    IWB carry sucks! None of them are comfortable! Either get a micro pistol to carry in your pocket or a shoulder holster because all IWB sucks!

  13. Bradford Gordon

    The gun really doesn't print. People don't actually look at others for guns. I have my iPhone in an Otter box on my side in front of my concealed carry. People look at that first so it distracts the print. The appendix carry is whole other thing. I would worry too much about the grip printing. Some people have insulin pumps under their shirts that looks the same.

  14. Bbarkerthecrew G

    I loved my 3.0 and I'm glad I'm not the only one who had trouble getting it on and off. Just got the 4.0 and love that too

  15. whoobibi

    Modular systems, whether in guns or holsters, necessitate a compromise in order to implement interchangeability, and that compromise is generally bulk. That's the case here. Simply put, the Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0 is a more compact package than the 4.0 ShapeShift equivalent. It is lighter, thinner and, as a result, more comfortable for extended wear.

  16. James Edge

    Upfront and honest review! I'm with you on the Shape shifter being too much, not quite right. Your AIWB segment convinced me it was not for me. Super tuck 3.0 for me, too.

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