Alfa 166 car review – Top Gear – BBC

The Top Gear team play with the Alfa 166. Well, you would do if you had the chance! Watch this video in high quality on the BBC Top Gear YouTube channel, and don’t forget to visit for all the latest news and car reviews!

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  1. Calogero C

    no matter what Jeremy says about alfa 166, for us Italians is one of the best car infact i posses one beautiful 166 2000cc
    for the past 5 years and now become my toy i will never sell this beutiful beast , 15 years old and is already a collector classic car Jeremy, prize who ncares the love to keep a car like this is honor and respect of proper car , ,alfa romeo is called the daughter of the Ferrari engineering therefor alfa romeo is a mini Ferrari:-) and if you are not a professional driver dont ever buy a alfa romeo, this cars any alfa are only for professionals drivers, and who really nos a alfa romeo cars will appreciate what a proper car IS. unique design and different of any cars in the world. Jeremy have a nice day:-)

  2. Steve-DIFMEIWS Steve

    The front number plate off to the side is so toe-curling sad. Visions of stretch jeans, white socks and mole skin slip-ons, sorry but so called Italian style doesn't do it for me here 🙁

  3. SpaghettiKillah

    Most people can't understand this but, when you drive lots of cars as a job you get to a point where you don't care about anything else except emotions. I have experienced this in my previous job where I bought, sold and drove pretty much all the models from Ferrari, Lambo, Bmw, Mercedes, Maserati, Abarth and so on. Sure, overall the BMW and Mercs were the best but when we had to sell the Abarth 595 Competizione or the Maserati GTS I literally cried alone in the bathroom. EVERY goddamn' time I was driving them I was laughing like a child who got a crazy present for Xmas. They are alive, they growl, scream, screek, and every turn or downshift are different noises!! It's like they have a mood or something. Specially the Maserati Gts. One day I will own another one.
    Jeremey knows, he "feels" cars rather than just number check them.

  4. abcpea

    ive always felt that alfas look terribly cheap and tacky. like the kind of car driven by a middle aged woman in leopard print, fake leather and hoop earings

  5. agodzadza95

    i just dont understand why so many people think these cars look good. They all look like garbage except the newer 8c 4c and giulia

  6. ATS599

    Videos like this make me so happy Alfa is back in the US. Just waiting on them to make a new hot hatch and that'll replace my GTI.

  7. Jy Jym

    all audi owners are the biggest total tossers.
    Alfa owners are pretty OK.
    TVR are of course the best cars in the world.

  8. Abul Hasnath

    this idiot has missed the point. this car is for individualists. who cares about depreciation it's not a bloody investment it's a car!

    Clarkson saying nothing bad about British makes like Vauxhall, ford or jaguar even though they're shit

  9. Vylkeer

    Italian here. My family has owned a 166 Automatic and was pretty amazing. Then after several years it broke and we changed it with a Giulietta. My personal car is a 147 from 2005 and I love it!

  10. рокај снимај

    Comparing Italian and German cars is like chosing between rich,nice but not beautifull, protestant girl and beautifull, pasionate, slylish girl which lives regular life but has " that something" which drives you crazy…

  11. blablabla blablabla

    the expensive German cars are pumped out of publicity and propaganda, but they break often and repair them is very expensive!!!

  12. 121bham

    Idk why Jeremy loves Alfa's so much. They are hairdresser's cars just like Audi TTs. You would never see a normal man behind the wheel of one of those. And the interior is about as fancy as your average Nissan. Not even Infinity territory if I'm honest.

    If you truly don't care about looking like a poor hairdresser and you don't mind bland plastic interiors then you will mind their legendary unreliability. They look ugly. They're not fast. They break down all the time. That's why nobody buys them new and they depreciate. Because unless they're dirt cheap then nobody is gonna buy them. Just a couple of plebs who want to own "a FWD Italian sports car" instead of the 14yo Vauxhall Astra they were gonna buy.

  13. mrReEeEeE

    I don't get how people find this car beautiful..I don't like it from the inside or outside. I think that the e36 and E46 look way better, but in the end it's just personal preference

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