A typical day of bikepacking in Colombia, gear reviews and questions and answers

here is a short video of a typical day in Colombia, alongside some gear reviews (up to 25min)
at 25:00 starts the questions and answer part, in no particular order!


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  1. ziad abboud

    are you using mechanical disk break or hydraulic disk break, and do you find it hard to maintain them or make sure they don't bend in the wild, also do you think its a hassle to repair them? thanks budy!!

  2. Solo Bikepacker

    Glad you said fatbike your completely right much more fun ….  instead of Europe next big trip you should think  the real Ho Chi Minh Trail  before it gone ,,, me and my mate our going do it this xmas bikepackng pack ralfing and fat biking .. we recon it cost less that $200  to do 1 month through vietnam lao and cambodia  your welcome to join us….

  3. Kyle Baker

    Hey Iohan, you've inspired to to hit the road, i'll be heading to Colombia to start my bike tour in Medellin in a  months time. Can't wait. Maybe we will cross paths. Happy riding!

  4. Hajo Quest

    Thanks!!! You've answered my question about handling dogs in this video. 🙂 Maybe you don't believe it, but I have already learned from you… Thanks a lot and all the best from germany.

  5. kand5

    Hey ! great videos and so inspiring 🙂 does your new bikepacking setup is sufficient for caring all your gear, food etc? it seems so minimal !

  6. SC EM

    I looked away from the screen for a moment, looked back and saw you with that big yellow rock in your hand about to eat it, and for a moment I thought “That’s the world’s largest crack cocaine rock, and he’s going to eat it?!!” If it had been, you’d have launched that fat bike, and been in Australia before you knew it. Come to think of it, I wonder if you could put enough air in those fat tires to make the bike float? Anyway, on a more serious note, and speaking of addiction, if you haven’t already, (and I’m surprised if not) prepare yourself to be offered “Mate” aka “cimarron” a widely used, highly addictive caffeinated tea drank by the locals seemingly everywhere there through a silver straw “bombillo”. Also common for perfect strangers to offer you to drink from their cup, with THEIR straw. I’m very surprised it hasn’t made it onto your videos yet.

  7. Homonym Antonym

    Thank you for sharing this with me. I just got done touring in Colombia. I enjoyed the experience but I was mostly on paved roads so it was not at all the same. You have inspired me to get some fatter tires and get off the highways 🙂

    Love your interactions with the animals haha. I could never get cows to moo. I'll definiely be watching your other videos 🙂

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