A Sequel That Doesn’t Suck? – Ryzen 7 2700X Review

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What do you think of the Ryzen 2 lineup? Whose review has bee most interesting thus far?

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Thank to Tancrid “Tank” Muller for writing the video!
Thanks to Reece Hill for filming the video!
Thank to Rikus Strauss for editing the video!
Executive Producer: JC Randall

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  1. Jermaine Harmse

    why i have i only found this now? =P really like the videos been binge watching this channel hard! haha love seeing this come from southafrica/america. Keep up the great work guys!

  2. XH CH

    ur video is porbably the best ryzen 2 review on youtube dude, you actually showed programs running and showing their results and not using boring charts like every one else, u deserve way more subs, i would like to see monero mining hashrate

  3. ElZamo92

    My mhan, XFR2 is baked into the CPUs, so you don’t need an x470 board to take advantage of this new feature. The only benefits of X470 over X370 are storeMI, better support for high speed DDR4, generally better VRM designs and some new board features such as front panel USB 3.1 Gen 2 type C (that’s quite a mouthful).

  4. Michael Morgan

    Ryzen chips are superior to Intel chips for a normal PC. But I would rather buy Intel chips because I only really care about gaming performance, I dont really do anything very demanding outside of gaming.

  5. RP

    Hey mate, can you try running the important benchmark ? yes I am talking about XMRStak hashrate. Ideally compared to the old ryzen. The Ryzen+ is supposed to have much faster caches so there should be some interested results 🙂

  6. Tcll5850

    "no one expected the chips to be as good as they were"
    I expected them to get up to 4.5GHz at least, however, the IPC is rather impressive.

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