$99 Wire-Free 1080p HD Security Camera! Reolink Argus REVIEW

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The Reolink Argus is a $99 Wi-Fi home security camera, that offers some great features! 100% wire-free battery-powered, waterproof for indoor/outdoor, 1080p HD video (fantastic clarity), two-way audio, and night vision!

Specs & Features (from Amazon):

∙ 100% WIRE-FREE & BATTERY-POWERED: No cords, no wiring & no installation — that’s the way “100% wire-free” should be. The batteries support up to 180 days standby time, or 800 minutes of motion recording and live view.
∙ SMART PIR MOTION SENSOR: Highly sensitive and wide-angle sensor detects human movements, and offers real-time and accurate alerts (app push notifications, emails,siren etc.).
∙ 1080P FULL HD & EXCELLENT NIGHT VISION: Enable you to see everything clearly both day and night. See sharper and clearer images/videos than 720p security cameras.
∙ HIGH-QUALITY TWO-WAY AUDIO: The built-in mic & speaker allow you to listen to what’s going on at your home/business and talk back with just a touch!
∙ WEATHERPROOF DESIGN: You can place Reolink Argus outdoors/indoors without worrying about the weather. Rain or shine, hot or cold, Reolink Argus never stops protecting you.

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  1. Jared Romano

    Does the Reolink/Argus app allow for a on/off feature of home or away? Example being – I don't need motion alerts turned on if I am home. Thanks!

  2. Richard Khalife

    Hi, Reolink states in their guide that it takes 3.6v rechargeable batteries. I'm finding mainly 3.7v rechargeable batteries. Would there be a problem to choose the latter ones? And thanks for a great review.

  3. sherwin

    too bad it doesn't work on my synology nas. their C1 and C2 models work though. weird this one doesn't. maybe future version will?

  4. Ball Is Life

    How many seconds can the vid clip go up to? I read that it's only 6 seconds? Are you able to DL the clips to share through emails or social media? Or just to keep else where besides the Micro SD. Thanks Man!!!!

  5. No Left Turns

    Forget this camera
    the Blink system is light years ahead of anything on the market
    you can have dozens of cameras per site
    and dozens of sites
    all run on 2 AA batteries for 2 years
    no wires

    so you can set up your house, your office, your vacation house, even when you travel, your current location
    all on one app and all with different settings and schedules

    the new Black units are waterproof and use IR to capture videos at night with NO light
    so you won't scare the neighbors when something trips the motion sensor
    each camer is the size of deck of cards

    you get 5 – 120 second video clips and that includes the instant the motion was spotted.

    check it out on Amazon

  6. Jeff Lake

    The Problems I've encountered had feedback loop THE Dam Batteries need to be Recharged unbelievably often and even if you make all recommended suggestions even birds kick it on too When they make them better…Those of us who Backed the building on Indigogo should get free upgraded cameras…

  7. Jeff Lake

    I hope the thief who thinks they can steal the camera realize the info and picture of them taking it is recorded easily to our phones all easy to give to the police you idiots

  8. Jeff Lake

    Was wondering about something …..I have a USB power slot ( actually two ) on an outlet in my home so, could I install the camera with the USB Micro port in the Battery compartment and put it back so it needs No Batteries………… I a have not checked the compartment for this USB slot Yet But This is Interesting?

  9. crystal negron

    Can you adjust the amount of time it records after it senses the motion? In other words most cameras record only up to 10-15 seconds after it notices the motion.

  10. Demi Lyn

    If there is a power outage and the wifi is interrupted, will the Argus continue to record onto the SD card for playback later?

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