7th Continent – GameNight! Se5 Ep16

Start of Game: 19:55
End Game Discussion: 2:05:10
Tonight on GameNight!, Nikki, Mike, Dave and Lincoln play 7th Continent, designed by Ludovic Roudy, Bruno Sautter & published by Serious Poulp.

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  1. Colin Wright

    No sure I want to watch this. Having backed the current Kickstarter I don't want to see any of the content. May just skip to the end for thoughts but not sure I even want to do that!

  2. Franky Tunggal Djaja

    My group of 2 and I had lift the Voracious Goddess curse. Took us 7-8 hours to finish in one sitting because it was so mesmerizing, but found the ending weirdly unsatisfying though. Not sure whether it was the game ending or we played it wrong.

  3. chuckm1961

    "I'm guessing this will get us a card." Not the most immersive way to talk while playing.

    It's an adventure. Exploration and discovery are the heart of the game.

    How about "Hey guys, what about exploring this spot up here? I have a feeling we'll find something important."

  4. diablotd1

    Excellent taster of the game guys, definitely on my wish list now. Still would like to know what happens if you don't have both cogs, epic!

  5. David Seidner

    Just an FYI – At around 38:00 regarding the Woven Cord and the fire figure: You can craft the Woven Cord, once crafted, you can use it once to put the a fire figure on the map card you're on. Just because you have the fire figure, doesn't mean you can put it on the terrain card without performing an action to do so. Fire is for cooking food and also reduces movement cost back to the fire (same as reducing movement cost of another player figure). Not sure if you clarify this later in the video, posting this as I watch.

  6. Brian Baker

    1:10:29 – You actually can treat an inventory as a "giant super item." 🙂 See page 21 in the rules: "Using an item enables the player to freely choose to apply some or all of the effects of *one or more* Item cards it consists of." (emphasis added) I find this is really helpful to stack the effects at times.

  7. trekadam30

    Even though I love your vids, I don't think you should play games you can't finish. When I heard that, it made not want to watch.

  8. Ani kation

    Awesome episode! It was so interesting (a huge part of it is because all of you are so much fun and like to be together). I could have watched you playing the complete game, even if it took 20 hours.
    But I guess editing would be a pain in the a** and Lincoln would go crazy x-D

  9. Alex Leung

    When I saw the title of the episode, I was like "As if this game isn't hot enough on Kickstarter already, this show is going to add oil onto the fire!" *heheheh. And, since I have backed this on KS too, I was too afraid of spoiler and didn't watch the game play. Oh man, I really wanted to watch but I can't!

  10. Mike Krajewski

    The way I understand it is that the purpose for multiple cards with the same number comes into play once you Save your game. You put all the cards you've played into "The Past" and when you start another session, you'll have to explore island spaces you've already been to. But the game could change because now you'd be pulling the same number with a variation. Maybe it had snow on it before and now it's melted and there's a cave you couldn't see before. So as you take time away from the game (by saving), the game also can change when you go back to it.

  11. Dmitri Koudrin

    What a strange game, didn't understand what was going on at all. Felt like you guys were making up the whole thing as you went.

  12. Striker J

    This looks like a game that is going to require an expert of the rules and an alpha gamer to move the game along. Otherwise, I can't see it working smoothly.

  13. Robert Mills

    Really enjoyed video, friend has copy and his opinion, plus your video, plus dice tower and a skim of the kickstarter got me to back

  14. Benjamin Krämer

    The woven basket is a very important item. It allows you to store 3 food items in the same stack. Very important when you play with a lot players since space is even more limited.

  15. Benjamin Krämer

    2:00:00 this Card only applies when you eat food (brown icon) which is done by taking the eat action (white icon) on food cards like the fish you got 😉 so you effectively get one food card more when eating which is huge. The small tutorial doesn’t really pressure you through the action deck. The real game soon afterwards does.

  16. Benjamin Krämer

    2:06:00 when saving, you should place the inventory cards with the numbers UNDER your character and skill cards. Making it easier to distribute them to the correct players when „loading“

  17. Benjamin Krämer

    2:09:00 you DID find food 😉 the fish you got IS food you could consume. You also found the Firestones item which lets you place fire on your current tile. Then, if reading the action on the food card Nikki has, you would be able to cook it. What is not on the small island is indeed hunting or fishing.

  18. Benjamin Krämer

    2:17:00 about randomness, for example there was the dead seagull on one tile. When you explored that one, there are 2 or 3 green cards and a gold one. And since there was no permanent golden arrow attached, you would have even been allowed to explore the same action again. The first one was put into the past, making sure you will not draw the same one again. And once you are through the green ones, the golden one maybe just tell you there is nothing interesting (which you could theoretically draw over and over again wasting your time)

  19. Nerfenstein aka GirlyGamer

    An hour and 20 minutes in and they're still struggling to understand the rules… not sure I'm looking forward to getting this as I was before watching lol. Seems pretty convoluted if you guys are struggling. Thanks for another great video guys.

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