420 Tech – Best Vaporizers 2017 – High Tech Review

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Toke along and celebrate the beauty of the 20th of April as DTR (HTR) delves into the fog of some of the best marijuana vaporizers of 2017. Enjoy!!!

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Drunk Tech Review is an informative, hysterical, drunken, and unfiltered round-table discussion in the realm of gadgets and technology. We provide the latest reviews on your favorite brands like Apple, Google, Samsung, & Microsoft, as well as intoxicated testing of unique products ranging from electric vehicles to jet-packs, Bluetooth speakers to gaming consoles, and headphones to virtual reality goggles.
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  1. David Cairns

    There has to be a design more like a traditional pipe. When you're getting stoned you dont want to be messing around with lids, magnets etc. simple is best

  2. AhmaFan4Life So

    Does anyone know which cartridge is best for pain. Surgery on both rotators, and back fusion. Missed a level. This pain is very real. Is this the wrong venue for answers?

  3. Dragos A. Rozsnyai

    i like how they are all growing their hair out. it's nice to see long haired men – different from the other 90% of 'em
    *i'm a guy, no homo

  4. Just Me

    There are no Toxins or Carcinogens in smoking weed. Do your research before you spew ignorance to the ignorant masses. Opps, i exposed how it works, LOL. Tards, research your topics.

  5. XinsaX

    Liked the video and the only thing is that you missed out that the Solo 2 has the same "other uses" that the Davinci IQ. The waxes/resin on the inside of the glass stem can be vaped too. Even better, the long piece has 12mm so when it's completely gold you can prepare yourself a good nice hot coco and clean the stem in a single move! But good video.

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