24 Hours in the Forest – Overnight Adventure – 4k

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Join Luke for 24 Hours in the Forest; an Overnight Adventure which shows just how dramatically things can change in a short period of time!

Another Overnight Adventure is coming up soon; Christmas Eve!

Gear List :
Splav Raid 45 Pack with Expansion Pouches
Sierra Designs Convert 2 Tent
Mountain Laurel Designs Ground Sheet
Snugpak Basecamp OPS Air Mat with Pump
Snugpak Basecamp OPS Air Pillow
MSR Rocket Rocket 2
UGQ Bandit Quilt
Mountain House Meal
Toaks Titanium Spoon
Mountain Laurel Designs Titanium Mug
USGI Stainless Steel Cup
Kifaru Ultralight Pullout Bas for Organizing
Sunjack Light Stick
Woolly Merino Wool Long Sleeve
Marmot Sweater

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  1. Erik Vels

    Thanks for adding the temperature in centigrades! Much easier to follow your explanations this way! I love your channel! Greetings from The Netherlands!

  2. DesertPunk0

    In NY Dick's sporting goods is struggling. Gander Mountain is closed. EMS is closed, in my area there is only one Bass Pro shop, 2hrs away.

  3. Warren Davidson

    Age is just a number, I did my first AT section hike 3 years ago at the age of 72.  Since than I have hiked over 500 miles mostly on the AT.  Sorry I waited so long.  Congratulations on your daughters decision to join the Navy.

  4. Colin Brittingham

    Congrats Luke I know proud is an understatement! My brother joined the marines out of high school in 2011. I still remember when my brother went through everything, and it was an honor just to go through it all with him as his family!

  5. Headwind 1967

    Hey Luke!

    Congratulations to your daughter, and her selection of the Navy. I am a former Canadian Navy veteran, of the Gulf War. I was a Combat and Tactical Officer. My classification over-lapped with the career choice she has made. She is looking forward to a very challenging and rewarding career.

    I can certainly relate to the surprise choice of service she has chosen. For myself, I had initially assumed that I would have joined the Air Force, having attained my private pilot's licence as an Air Cadet. Many, many, years following that, my three children have surprised me with their choices for a career in the military. My oldest is an EMT. skydiver, and bushcrafter. Just last month she was accepted into the Canadian Forces as a SARTECH(Search and Rescue Technician.) This is rare, as most SARTECHs are recruited from within the trades of already serving members. At 5'2", she is tough as nails, and I can't be more delighted as I have several family members and friends within the SAR community.

    My son, who graduates from high school this year, has been accepted by he Canadian Army as a MedTech, and will begin his Basic Training in July, after he graduates.

    My youngest, who will graduate in a couple of years, has every intention of becoming a fighter pilot, and has just received acceptance to attend the powered flight course, to receive her private pilot's licence, this summer, through Air Cadets.

    What astounds me is that I never figured any of my children would have aspired to the military, and now, I have all three on that career path. I can only encourage you to continue with your support and pride for your daughter's endeavors.

    Finally. thank you for another fantastic video! I always look forward to your uploads, and I always appreciate all that you do.

    Take care!

  6. Northern 204 Adventures

    Hey Luke, I've been looking for a 4 season tent of my own much like this one but with a stove jack. I have a Nu-way vented propane stove, a 10×12 canvas tent for the winter remote trips i do and a summer 5×7 2 person tent for me and my pooch. Do you think the material of this tent would work with a stove jack?

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