2 Weeks with the Google Pixel 2 XL – REVIEW | The Tech Chap

GOOGLE PIXEL 2 XL REVIEW – I’ve been using the Pixel 2 XL as my main phone for over 2 Weeks. Is the screen really that BAD? Is the camera really that GOOD? Should You BUY it?

tested the Pixel 2 XL over the last 2 weeks to find out What’s Good, What’s Bad – and should you buy it?

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  1. The Tech Chap

    Update: So it seems the new Saturation boost mode is now being rolled out with the Android November security update (rather than Android 8.1) – and it should be available for most people now 🙂

  2. Rudy Tejeda

    Great video just made me make up my mind on getting one, I think am going to go this week to pick one up Thank you very much and also what game is that you are playing on in the video

  3. Tararua Music

    Add to order my phone from the UK, via a friend. Will be here soon. Typical Google forgot about NZ again, no wonder Samsung and Apple sell so many phones out here.

  4. FiremedicJM

    Why are we so obsessed with over saturated colors? The colors on the 2 XL are amazing and are a more accurate gamut. I am glad these screens are going away from the cartoonish over saturation and heading to true representation of colors.

  5. James M

    After having the Pixel 2 XL in my hands I honestly can say it felt cheap with its subpar display and it outdated looks. If Google was trying to go after the average smartphone user well they just had a major flop on their hands. Stock Android or not, there's a reason why Apple and Samsung are King. If you Google zealots can't recognize that the average consumer is what makes a device successful then keep living in that make believe Google world.

  6. Elijah Waite

    i still have a htc one m8. so when i hear people complaining about these new phone and their batterys and such im like, bich i have to charge my phone 2-3 times a day and i dont even use it

  7. g shrinivas

    Got 3 nexuses before and can never go back away from stock android.
    Nexus 6 with the 16:9 6" screen was easily the best android phone I have ever used.
    Recently got my pixel 2 XL and the camera and software is just butter. Screen is bullshit and I don't like the 18:9 aspect ratio at all.

  8. codpieceofjustice

    Saw an XL in a store today. The blue issue with the screen seemed like a none-event to me. Seemed like a pretty decent screen in the short play I had.

  9. Yasin Rhodes

    Most of the "bad" things these tech dudes complain about are things the average person wouldn't notice or doesn't care about. I've seen that blue tint on many flagship phones so yeah

  10. Namir Bacha

    Trying to decide between Pixel and note

    Tested both, love the screen on the note and the S pen features which while i don't use often, they are really handy when I do need them
    Don't really care about wireless charging and the lack of SD is compensated by the photo backup

  11. Ant Solo

    Great video! Im using the pixel 2 xl now and it the best phone I've ever had. BTW not to sounds like a know it all but I'm a engineer for Verizon and I have to test every phone out for a long period of time. (Only really the flagships ones I personally use for about 2 months) So you name it, I've had it. Pixel 2 XL or pixel 2 are amazing in short!

  12. Jay Cousins

    Great job! I am going to upgrade from my Galaxy s6 to the pixel 2 xl because of this video. I was put off by the screen but after hearing you the problems aren't really that significant. Well done my friend. If you ever come to Beverly Hills California, look me up and my wife and I would love to take you to dinner!

  13. mark shirley

    I own a Pixel2 – It flickers very often indoors on video because it's 30 and 60fps it needs a 25 and 50fps plus corresponding slow mo frame rates for PAL countries like the UK. This is a big flaw that not many UK reviews have picked up on. My Pixel2 is very often unusable with indoor lighting plus some street lighting as well.

  14. Chris Daniels

    Screen = Deal breaker for me… It's gets my most attention day in day out… Personal preference S8+ or One Plus 5T… I buy a new phone every 1.5 years anyway but I love them screens.

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