#194 Weekly Roundup #51: New Maker Products

Weekly Roundup 51 takes a look at the #Mycroft #BigClown #HiFiveUnleashed #SixFab #PineH64 #RockPro64 #OrangePiRK3399 #FreeSoC2 and a whole lot of other RK3399 based SBCs.

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  1. Darren Tarbard

    That orange pi RK3399 looks epic. It's like they tried to fit every possible thing they could on a board. Even has built in (too tiny to be practical) volume up and down buttons.

  2. Stephen Morton

    that last intro was scary. i like the down home approach.
    sensorless motor controllers require no hall or etc. (feedback) from the motor.
    they usually will support one, but will drive a motor sensing the input current.
    those pesky BOM's and sensor cost ballOOns.
    these things should be used to explore the outer solar system.
    9:10 !

  3. gluino

    1:57 "sensorless" in this context means the type of BLDC motor speed control system used in today's RC model aircraft, cars etc. They have only have a 3 phase connection to the motor. Sensorless is the common variety.

    Sensored systems are way less common, there is additional signal wiring between the speed control and the motor. The speed controller gets feedback about the rotary position of the motor, and is able to provide smoother, controlled motion at the lowest speeds.

  4. Rob Sciuk

    BLDC's often use a Hall Effect sensor to determine rotation. There are algorithms which use the zero crossing of back EMF to determine the timing, and that's probably what is meant by "sensorless".

  5. sanityd1

    I really like that Bootin allwinner project but couldn't Allwinner just release their own stuff and save all the time and effort? Shouldn't the open source community avoid helping companies like Allwinner.

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