15 Worst Kickstarter Inventions Ever

From projects where you can pay money to get rocks delivered to your house, to crowdfunding so we can build a cottage on the moon, we count 15 worthless kickstarter campaigns asking you to donate your hard earned cash for seemingly no reason
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Kickstarter links below
Civilians Board Game:
Fish On Wheels:
Unicorn Hat:
Jellyfish Tank:
Flying Bicycle:
Buy a Kid Some Video Games:
PAUL – Sexiest Smartphone Charger on the Planet:
Rock Stacking Game:
Grilled Cheesus:
Demand for Peace:
Build a House on the Moon:
World’s Largest Jockstrap:
Time Till Money:

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  1. Eetu Tunkkari

    The last one might or might not be a Kickstarter staff pick, people just add that shit to their project pictures so they'll seem more legitimate.

  2. Nathaniel Puttonen

    Would it be wrong to make a kickstarter asking for the money to buy a Louis Vuitton belt and Louboutins?

  3. el_marto

    Well… the kid of Nr 10 was a pioneer considering the hundreds of random dudes receiving money while playing and streaming via various services…

  4. Hungry Penguin

    #5 actually seems practical for when it is raining and you need to use your phone. Maybe they should make one waterproof in addition to keeping your hands warm.

  5. Mark Firland

    ROTFL no phone the world is going to hell i dont even have a cell phone i have a landline if someone needs to talk to me there it is ind if i dont pick up then… hold that thought

  6. Sam White

    This kid is a F&$*ING idiot. WTF? No one's gonna send him money, if anyone does, they should grab a shotgun and ask themselves "What am I doing with my life".
    I actually thought the kid was the dumbest thing you had . . . why a Jesus Bread maker thingy? What is this? I don't see how anyone can want this? I'm Christian and I don't want a toaster that prints Jesus' face on it, that's creepy.
    Nope, moon house is dumber than anything else on here. WTF!?!? . . . . . Wait . . . jock strap? SERIOUSLY!?!?!? What the hell is wrong with people now a days?
    o_o . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . A piece . . . of plastic . . . for $30,000 to kick start it's production . . . . and people are actually supporting it!?!?!?!? God help us!

  7. ericb31

    #5 reminds me of a silly story on a website called "the daily WTF", where a nutty guy came up with an idea for HEATING THE HANDLEBARS ON A BIKE so your hands don't get cold when riding in the winter! several co-workers gave ideas for improving it, then a smarter guy replied, "just wear gloves!", and the idea faded away.
    #1 reminded me of a story on the news where a police department got conned into buying several devices that were supposed to be high-tech drug detectors. someone opened one to see how it worked and found NOTHING inside, it was just an empty box with an antenna stuck on the side!

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