Promotion of Safety among Employees

The success of running safety talks in the workplace can only be achieved when it is supported by the actions of the employees you aim to educate on workplace health and safety promotion.  Everyone’s cooperation is necessary to ensure a safe working environment. You must encourage employee engagement during your safety talks and enforce the observance of preventive practices.

There several ways of involving or engaging employees in safety measures and habits in the workplace:

Safety TalksPlace suggestion boxes or online forms – Encourage your employees to express their opinions regarding workplace issues by designating suggestion boxes dedicated for health and safety concerns. This way, the employees can easily put in their suggestions while staying anonymous. Online forms should also be made available especially if your company has offices in various locations. An online feedback mechanism dedicated to health and safety issues in the workplace is a great way to organize and collect feedback.

Designate forums – You can bring together your employees in groups or by department for any relevant discussions on arising issues or concerns. This way, each group can identify concerns and issues specific to their work area. These can be addressed right away without worrying about leaving out other participants as in the case of a company-wide safety meeting or assembly.

Assign committees – A great way of involving your employees is to assign a safety committee that will be responsible in overseeing or tracking safety practices among the employees. This will give employees a sense of empowerment in choosing their committees. This practice is known to boost employee participation and involvement. This will also enhance the level of responsibility and leadership skills of those chosen for the committee. Eventually, these people can be tasked to conduct the safety talks.

Collect surveys – Another way of getting insights from your employees is by conducting and collecting surveys regarding the effectiveness and strict observance of the implemented safety measures. Surveys are good sources of information on which areas should be focused on and which problems must be prioritized. You should also share the results with the employees so that they are also aware of the current issues and will let them know that you value their insights, thus eliciting their willingness to cooperate.

Implement stand-downs after any major incident – Standing down or shutting down of work temporarily after a major incident and meeting with the employees about it will enable you to assess the situation better. During stand-downs, you can conduct safety talks that revolve around the current incidents.

Conduct safety drills – This is an effective way of assessing your employees’ readiness and awareness of the implemented safety protocols. You can also hire safety professionals in organizing seasonal emergency drills where your employees can work in groups and will require their full participation.

Implement hazard and incident reporting – Give your employees the responsibility of watching out and looking for hazards in the workplace that may cause harm to anyone. It is also important to have them report immediately and incident of safety breach or danger. This way, you can be notified of the problems and enable you to make immediate solutions.

Encourage safety projects – Empower your employees to contribute to the promotion of health and safety in the work environment by having them engage in safety projects like the distribution of leaflets or brochures on safety practices or health product samples like sanitizers and vitamins. They can also teams for any specific safety-oriented actions like vehicle inspections, food sanitation inspections, and checking of appropriate work gears.

Encouraging employee engagement will benefit not only your company but also the employees themselves. Their engagement and active participation will generate a safety-oriented and pro-health workforce that watches over and protects each other within the work premises.


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Passion and Practicality In One!

Stress can come in many forms, it can be from work or from school or from the family and stress as has been known is unhealthy. This is why there is a need to relieve it. Ne good way doing so is by having a hobby, but sad to say, not everyone has something that they can do whenever they feel drained. Studies show hat people will become completely happy only if they have these hobbies in their lives and these past times may vary from one person to another.

cheap golf clubsIf you are one of these people, then change your lifestyle now and inject some game into your system. Start playing golf! Do not be misled, golf is an expensive game and it is associated with luxury, the equipment cost a lot. Many people are not interested with this game because of the money involve in it, but that is not the case at all times. There are ways that you can enjoy this game without having to spend so much money on the equipments that you are to use. You can to retail bargain stores, you can borrow from a friend, you can entertain some means to support your budding love of golf or you can get yourself cheap golf clubs that are available when you only look closely.

Buy it Less

You might think that buying cheap golf clubs would mean buying the less standardized clubs, this is not true and has no bearing. One of the cheap golf clubs that are available in the market are the second hand ones. With the advancement of technology, companies are revising their golf clubs every year and buyers, even if they still have the golf clubs from the last year, would want to upgrade and are selling their clubs to others. This occurrence makes the second hand golf club still new. This is why new players tend to buy second hand than the new ones from trusted people and shops. Titleist is one of the brand or model that is trusted among golf players, so if you want to play golf and save at the same time, you can simply do what professionals and avid players do. Get yourself second hand cheap golf clubs.

Advantages of Used Golf Clubs

It is indeed practical to buy second hand clubs, but there are more reasons why it is best to purchase cheap golf clubs than practicality. The first reason is that the clubs that have been used are inspected carefully. Golf is an expensive sport so it is unlikely that the equipments used are just disregarded by the owners. Also, if you go to thrift shops, they have professionals who check the conditions of the club before they purchase and then sell it to people. Any problems that will be found in the clubs will be returned to their owners.

Old Are Much Like The New

The technology used in the new clubs and that of their predecessors is very similar. Sometimes, they only change the appearance of the clubs without changing anything else. But despite the minor change, their prices are very far alike. If you really want a new golf club, be sure that it is a good one so that you will not have to buy another one for the next year to come or you can look for the cheap golf clubs, even if they maybe second hand as long as they work perfectly for you. They may not be new but they come in a much lower price and they work just as good. This is passion and practicality in one indeed.

Custom Military Coins History and Legends

The history of custom military coins is continuously being argued upon. What are the legends on the origin of these coins?

Some say that the idea came from Romans because they used to reward deserving soldiers with coins. Coins have great value during the existence of Roman Empire. They symbolize great wealth and power.

In another story, an American soldier brought a silver Philippine coin during World War II that had an insignia imprinted on one side. That served as a sign that he was a valid contact for their mission to fight against Japanese invaders.

Custom military coinsYet another story dating back to World War II claims that challenge coins were initially used by the personnel of Office of Strategic Service. The coins are said to be local ones called “Bona Fides” which were then used at personal meetings to prove a person’s identity. Each party would examine the coin’s appearance, including the date and imprints, to prevent being tricked by spies.

One of the most accepted ideas say that custom military coins date back to World War I. Americans formed flying squadrons and in one of the squadrons, a wealthy lieutenant compelled each of his members to wear a bronze-covered medallion.

One of the soldiers’ aircraft caught ground fire and got terribly damaged. He had no choice except to make an emergency landing behind enemy lines. Unfortunately, he was taken by German patrol. They took everything he had except for the medallion, which they probably did not notice because he wore it in a small pouch hanged on his neck. The Germans went to a French town and brought him along. He found the chance to change his clothes and escape while there was a commotion going on.

He went through all kinds of difficulties but he was successful in avoiding the German patrols. He stumbled upon a French outpost during that time when they were being bothered by saboteurs who wore civilian clothing. Because he was not wearing any sort of uniform, the French men thought he was one of the saboteurs and decided to execute him. Fortunately, he had the medallion and showed it to them. They decided to delay the execution and confirm his identity. While waiting, they handed him over a bottle of wine.

Back in their squadron, carrying the coins with them became a tradition until a challenge was made to ensure that all the members would carry their medallions with them wherever they are headed to. If a player drops his coin, he is calling for a challenge. Every member should bring out his coin. If someone can’t, that person loses the challenge. On the other hand, if all of the challenged members can produce their coins, the one who initiated the challenge loses.

In commemoration of what happened to the soldier while he was in French custody, all members who lose the challenge are required to buy a round of drinks for everyone else. Those who cannot buy drinks, of course, feel shame.

The challenge went on for years throughout the war. Custom military coins gave the soldiers a sense of unity and camaraderie.

Other custom military coin legends refer to the post-Korean Conflict era. What supports this claim is that the first “documented” coin came from the country.

Nowadays, it does not seem to matter which or any of the said legends is correct. Custom military coins are awarded to those who show bravery, loyalty and reliability. This means that no matter where the idea came from, the significance of recognizing outstanding military performance is still the essence of creating and awarding the coins.

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Add More Storage Space Using Movable Cubicles

When you see that your closets are starting to get full, you may need to have extra space to store your stuff and valuable items. You can choose modular storage furnishings such as movable cubicles depending on the size you need. The size usually determines the cost of the movable storages that you can have so the bigger the space you need, the more expensive it can get.

moving cubiclesNot everyone can have the chance to design movable storage cubicles according to what they like so one has to improvise in order to get more storage space. Even though there is no long term solution to additional storage space, you can take advantage of transferable storage cubicles and take the pleasure of making it less difficult to organize your home. Sometimes, it is even a lot easier to setup your things in transportable storage solutions as long as you take time to look for and choose the right one that meets your requirements.

Before you can start looking for moving cubicles where you can store useful items, no matter how big or small they are, you should be able to determine what your requirements will be. Once you know your needs, you will be able to decide how much space you are going to have. There are lots of reasons why you need portable storage spaces. One thing you can make use of is the versatility they can offer. They can be customized according to your needs and can be designed to suit your needs as well as to match the theme of the surrounding environment. They can be used for almost anything which makes them extremely beneficial to have especially in keeping your things in place while preventing clutter due to a lot of stuff at home.

There are different types of movable cubicles that you can choose from. Typically, those used for commercial and residential purposes are made of 100% steel and are resistant to all types of weather conditions. For this reason, all your stuff will have a considerable amount of storage while they are also kept in a safe and well-protected space. There are larger models wherein you can add hanging outfits as well as a section for shelves.

There are two important things that you need to consider when buying movable cubicles for additional storage space. You should think of the size of the transportable storage space as well as the type of space that you will need. You can’t just buy a movable cubicle just because you can afford it. You should buy one according to your additional space requirements and the purpose that you have in mind. You can even look for something that can be as attractive so it can fit well on the decor in the surroundings even though this is not a big consideration.

If you want to add more storage space, you can find movable cubicles that you can make the most of. These are easy solutions if you want extra space at an easier and low cost option. They may not be considered as permanent storage solutions for overflowing closets or cup boards, they can still provide the storage space you need that you can use with convenience. You can choose from number of designs, sizes and types so you could effectively use them as long as they can match your growing need for additional storage space.

Just make sure that before you can make your decision, take time to research so you can find a reliable supplier of movable cubicles so you can have high quality storage solutions. You don’t want to spend on something and later on realize that you can’t even use them.

Using Lawyers Help in Loan Modification

How can lawyers help homeowners in the loan modification process? First off, it is important to know what loan modification is and when to avail of this service. Mortgage modifications are offered all over the country, including in Long Island, New York. A mortgage modification is more or less the same as a mortgage refinance in the sense that both are ways for the borrower to be able to afford his or her monthly payments. In a Long Island loan modification or alteration, the existing mortgage’s terms will simply be modified.

Long Island loan modificationThe housing market, especially in Long Island, has shifted for the worse in today’s hard economic times. Plunging home values have rendered loan refinancing somewhat impossible. However, there are ways for a homeowner to save his or her home and avert foreclosure. To answer many homeowners who find themselves dealing with imminent foreclosure, the United States government has created various programs for these homeowners to save their homes. One of these programs is the Long Island loan modification and there are many qualified lawyers who can help homeowners in this complex process.

To qualify, a candidate for a loan modification must be in financial hardship, but must be able to come back to if the bank or lender grants the loan modification. Real estate attorneys adept at loan modification matters will help the borrower prepare the case and negotiate with the banker or the lender. The lawyer will examine closely the mortgage agreement and the prior mortgage process’s circumstances to determine if the lender has committed any usurious lending violations, in which the violations can be utilized to support the borrower’s appeal.

The first step for the borrower in going through the Long Island modification process is to first contact the lawyer who will guide the borrower in every step of the way. The attorney will sit down with the client and prepare a Hardship Letter, which is the first opportunity to explain to the bank or lender the borrower’s financial difficulty and his or her ability to pay modified monthly amortizations.

Next, the lawyer will help the client in getting and presenting the required financial documents including 2 months of pay stubs, 2 months’ worth of bank account statements, the client’s latest income tax return, and a home appraisal. In the Long Island loan modification processing, the lawyer will help in the preparation of a monthly budget (the client’s monthly expense and monthly income) to show that the client is having a significant change in his or her financial situation.

In qualifying for the loan modification program, one must be the owner of a 1 to 4 unit property. What is also important is the amount one owes on the mortgage as compared to the home’s value. One may be eligible for the loan modification program if the borrower’s home has a worth of at least 125 percent of the home’s outstanding balance.

Moreover, one’s taxes, insurance, mortgage, and any dues should be more than 31 percent of the client’s combined gross monthly income. These are needed for the borrower to qualify and the borrower should be in financial difficulty. If the borrower is qualified for the Long Island loan modification plan, the borrower is put into a trial modification for a few months to ensure that the borrower can tackle the new payment scheme. The time is also enough for the borrower to hand in the proper financial proofs and documents.

Another advantage of using a lawyer’s help is that bankers and lenders tend to respond to them more quickly and that they also grant those loan modification applications filed by lawyers. Thus, one is wise to get in touch with a lawyer to help with a loan modification.